The surrounding area in Rinn is ideal for riding. The forrest offers many trails to explore. Some quite easy, some a bit more challenging. But all surrounded by nature. Enjoy lunch in one of many timber houses that are scattered throughout the forrest. Who knows, a majestic view might be just around the corner.


Rent a kayak to enjoy a day on the water. See nature from a diffirent viewpoint. Not only is Badasjön (the lake in the center of Rinn) itself interesting to explore. We would be happy to drop you off at any of the surrounding lakes and rivers.


Not only are there many trails for the horses, there are also many trails to go on foot. Climb the high hills around our valley to enjoy the breathtaking views of the swedish countryside. In Torsby commun you will aslo find many interesting hiking routes that take you on a trip through the ages as you pass timber houses of more than 400 years old.


The water quality of the lakes and rivers in Värmland is so good that they are excellent for swimming. Take a refreshing dive in ‘Badasjön’ or any of the many swimming spots in the surrounding area. With over 10.000 lakes, it will not be hard to find a quiet spot to relax by the water.

If the watertemperature is not to your liking (as it very well might be in december), Torsby also has an excellent indoor swimming facility.


Take our boat onto the lake and see if you have the patience to take care of dinner. The boat is powered by good ol’ human labor. You might enjoy the excersise as well.


In Rinn itself there are no official ski slopes. But you will not have to go far to find an abundance in skiing facilities. Torsby, Ekshärad, Hövfjallet, all have multiple slopes for you to try out. You will even be able to strap on some skiis in the middle of the summer. In Torsby’s ski-tunnel conditions are held optimal all year round!